HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DESR BECKS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU!!! Muchas felicidades corazón de melón jajaja! Esperó que te la pases súper bonito y que me perdones por no estar ahí pero cuando regrese armamos un loqueron (jk jajaja) te quiero mucho amiga!!! Gracias por siempre estar presente en cada instante de mi vida, en súper psycho jajaja! Gracias por escucharme, por hacerme regresar a la realidad y por no dejarme hacer tonterías JAJAJAJJAJA sola, a veces daaa te extraño mucho btw! Ojalá pases muy bonito este día! Con tu familia! Mis mejores deseos siempre y que Padre Celestial te llene de bendiciones a ti y a tu familia! Soy muy feliz de que seamos amigas! Y te deseó la mayor felicidad, como siempre! Love you forever friend! 

Ps. Lo siento por la foto, peeeero me di cuenta que no tengo muchas fotos contigo JAJAJAJAJJA pero al menos no borre ninguna parte de tu cara, creo. 
Long  live to our friendship!💗

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Anonymous asked:
Do you support the racist doctrines of your church? Or do you only chose to follow the doctrines that you personally like?




Your questions are irrelevant because they rest on the assumption that there are racist doctrines in the Church. You are incorrect, and you would be better served going outside for a walk rather than wasting your (and my) time on something like this. Get a life.

Your Anon is correct. If you honestly believe there are no racist teachings or doctrines within your church, may I suggest you…. read? Journal of Discourses, History of the Church, or piratically any talk given 1840 - 1960.

The pure ignorance of LDS members astonishes me.

This does not deserve a response, but I’m bored so you got it.

Journal of Discourses is not Church doctrine, which you would understand if you had taken the same amount of time to research as you did to anonymously copy/paste that ignorant question to myself and several of my friends. As you may know (or maybe you don’t, I won’t assume with you), during the period of time to which you refer there were widespread, albeit incorrect, conceptions regarding race in the United States (and elsewhere in the developed world). Church leaders are not infallible paragons. They are men, susceptible to the same influences and opinions as you and I. And how come you changed what you said? In your question you asked about doctrines. In your counterargument you altered your postulation and included teachings as well. That’s neat.

Your foolhardy fixation on my faith astonishes me. You don’t agree with my beliefs? Fantastic. You are entitled to your opinions and beliefs, just as I am entitled to mine. But don’t you dare label me ignorant just because I don’t obsess over disproving someone else’s beliefs to make myself feel morally superior. Once again, get a life.

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Kat: Is that right? 
Patrick: Yeah, but I screwed up. I, um, fell for her. 
(10 things I hate about you💗)
You lost the love I loved the most.

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there needs to be a month between august and september 

Muy feliz y agradecida de haber tenido la oportunidad de escuchar la conferencia en vivo. Soy feliz de tener este evangelio y de tener           Profetas  que nos guían e instruyen. Fue un fin de semana lleno de aprendizaje, instrucción y amor. No tengo duda de que el amor de Dios es infinito para todos su hijos. 💗💗 #LdsConf #lds  #GeneralConference #gospel #SundaySession #sud #mormon #SaltLake #slc #Utah
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